Clear Lakes and Wetland Services

Clear Lakes and Wetland Services is a locally owned full services lake and pond management company with over 34 years of experience in Aquatic weed control, fountain installation, fountain maintenance, fish stocking and wetland plantings.

Clear Lakes and Wetland Services embodies an absolute commitment to providing the highest quality in all our fountain installations, wetland designs and Aquatic management programs.

Our services will exceed your expectations.

Lake Maintenance

Plants are natural and important components of the aquatic environment. However, excessive growth of plants can have a detrimental effect on a body of water and its inhabitants. We can provide expert weed control and a healthy aquatic environment.

Wetland Planting

Aquatic environments need the right plants in order to thrive. We assess the wetland environment and then plant the species most needed to provide a healthy aquatic environment. We also provide floating wetlands to filter pollution from your ponds.


Fountains in ponds and lakes serve multiple purposes. The main purpose of the fountain is to aerate the pond or lake by moving as much water as possible while refreshing stagnant water. We offer the best in fountain installation and fountain maintenance.

Bathymetric Mapping

A bathymetric survey presents you with a clear chart of the bottom of a body of water. Using echolocating sonar, Clear Lakes and Wetland Services can provide you with an accurate, measurable underwater image of the terrain below the surface.

Member of the South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society
Aqua Master Fountain Authorized Service Center
Member of the BBB – A+ Rating
Clemson Master Pond Manager